Traffic Calming MiniGrant Application

My  fellow  Forest Hills  Neighbors, For  the past 3 months your  Forest Hills Neighborhood Association  Board of Directors have been partnering  with City Councilman Luis Viera, other Forest  Hills residents, plus The Floriland Neighborhood  Watch have crafted a MiniGrant Application from Hillsborough County for a street calming device, called an Intersection Painting. This  type of MiniGrant sponsored traffic calming device was recently implemented  in Seminole Heights. Our proposal is for this artwork to be painted at the  intersection of N. Marjory Ave. And West 109th Ave. That intersection is in front  of the Forest Hills Recreation Center. Although this area is 400’ East of our Neighborhood  Association boundaries, we are authorized, in our Association Bylaws to engage in projects adjacent  to our boundaries. Safety is one of the participation requirements noted in our Bylaws. Our Forest Hills  Neighborhood residents and their children use this Rec Center and Safety is the prime motivation for this  project. Additionally, in the MiniGrant Application we are proposing a Forest Hills Neighborhood gathering  so residents can vote on selecting the winning artwork entry. This will be a great time for all residents to  meet their neighbors and have a good time. We encourage our neighbors to bring potluck. All liquid refreshment will  be available. We will have a Band for entertainment. This event will be held at The Babe Zaharias Golf Course mid  March. Neighbors, this will be a great event for all of us to get together, meet each other and demonstrate how we  can have a unified community engaged neighborhood. If you have questions, concerns, objections, we would like to hear from  you.

Please note the Proposal here and Budget information here.

Email us at Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at our spring event.


Phil Roder  
Forest Hills Neighborhood Association President